Ghetto Fights / Wildest Street Brawls
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Ghetto Fights 1 & 2

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Price: $34.99
Product Number: GSET
Media Type: DVD
Packaging: New Retail Clamshell Case
Running Time: Approx. 60 Minutes Ea.
Availability: In Stock
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Product Information:
Ghetto Fights 1:
Get ready to witness the MOST CONTROVERSIAL FIGHT VIDEO EVER PRODUCED! Fa-sho, it's 100% NON-STOP GANGSTA WARFARE! You'll thank sweet Jesus this ain't your neighborhood as you witness these UNF'NBELIEVABLE lethal thugs & Insane hardcaore beatchez as they explode across your TV screen kickin'ass & "Da Man" all across the MEANEST STREETS OF AMERICA! Watch as the cops try to keep a brotha down by any means necessary! See Ghetto Girls OUT-OF-FREAKIN' CONTROL! This BRUTAL SH#T is as tight as it gets! You'll laugh, you'll cringe, you'll cry mutha chucca, as you witness these totally UNCENSORED, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN, violent & shocking YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!

Ghetto Fights 2:
From the originators of the MULTI-PLATINUM SMASH HIT GHETTO BRAWLS comes the HARDEST HITTIN STREET VIDEO EVER RELEASED! Strap on ya Bullet Proof Vest and witness the most INSANE NON-STOP GHETTO ACTION from the meanest streets in America! Watch these GANG BANGERS battle for respect in the hood and FAKE-AZZ BROTHAZ GETTIN DROPPED for poppin sh*t! YA HEARD! Ya'll cringe as police get RODNEY KING up on some foolz, you'll laugh at bustas gettin beat down, and ya'll holla at your boyz to check out NAPPY HO'S GETTIN PIMP SLAPPED! Steal this completely UNCENSORED AND CAUGHT ON TAPE Sh*T now before da man comes down on ya! BOO-YA!
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Ghetto Fights: Wildest Street Brawls 1  

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Ghetto Fights 5 Set - All 5 Titles  
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